Review: vanishing on 7th street (2010)

Poster for the film

I had high hopes for this film. Some well known actors, a clever plot -what could go wrong with the film?

In a word? Everything.

One night everything goes dark for a few seconds, during which time almost everyone everywhere disappears. a few people survive, safe only in the light and haunted by moving shadows. If you are in the dark, you get taken. If your light goes out for a second, you’re taken. Who or what is behind it, what are the screams that live in the shadows?

The film itself offers no explanation at all, but this isn’t it’s main flaw. The films biggest problem is a truckload of inconsistencies.

The dark takes you instantly.

Except in a number of scenes main characters are left in the dark, or surrounded by it completely, yet somehow happen to escape.

Once you’re taken, your clothes are all that remains, you instantly disappear.

Except one main character who says he was taken by the darkness for three days, in his clothes, and magically his torch began working and he somehow ended up safely in a brightly lit bus stop some distance from where he disappeared and for some reason is the only person ever who escapes and who never left their clothes behind.

Another main character finds a car that has been left with its lights on for seventy two hours and yet the lights still work (an impressive feat for any car battery).

But the best inconsistency? In a dark church a makeshift bed is surrounded by lots of candles. On it hides a boy. The darkness blows out the candles one by one, it’s late at night and dawn is many hours away. The last candle flickers until there is no more light…..

Cue sunrise hours later…..and the boy is still alive!

Too many convenient inconsistencies, a plot that never resolves itself and frankly average acting spoil what could have been a very good and clever movie.

Worth watching if you find yourself bored late at night and it’s on television, maybe.


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