Thirteen assassins (2010) (movie review)

Poster for the movie "thirteen assassins"

The evil lord Naritsugu, brother of the all powerful Shogun, terrorises even the elite of Japanese society. An ageing samurai warrior , Shinzaemon, is honour bound to end the reign of terror, but with the golden age of the samurai behind them there are few up to the challenge of taking on Naritsugu and his elite guards.

Thirteen men set a trap for the tyrant but he arrives with an entire army of men sworn to defend him with their lives. Now the thirteen men must face more than two hundred in an all out battle which could make or break Japans future.

With a compelling story, convincing acting and a finale that any action film would be proud of thirteen assassins pulls you into the story early on by showing the callous evil nature of Naritsugu.

The film is not non stop action or violence, it doesn’t rush telling its story but instead sets the scene for what will happen in its finale and why we should care about the outcome. It creates sympathy for the victims and a will to see the villain get what he deserves.

The film culminates in the arrival of Naritsugu with an army of men and a long and bloody battle that will see many lose their lives.

At just over two hours, and in Japanese with English subtitles, many English speaking viewers may be put off but if you enjoy films that tell a good story, have some great set pieces and have a satisfying conclusion then this is one of the better films out there and well worth two hours of any ones time.


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