Undisputed III: Redemption (review)

Cover art for the film Undisputed 3: Redemption

Once feared Russian prison fighter and Undisputed 2’s bad guy Boyka (Scott Adkins) is now a crippled has been. His spirit broken, his leg permanently damaged, he learns of a tournament, the first of its kind in which the best fighters from prisons around the world will compete for their freedom and for the title of ultimate fighter.

As he struggles through the tournament Boyka finds an unlikely ally in the form of a fellow competitor but it soon becomes clear that only the winner gets out alive and that the favourite has more than a little extra help.

Unsure how to proceed without causing the death of himself or his friend he must face his demons and earn his redemption, or die trying….

Undisputed 3 is the sequel to Undisputed 2. That film was better than the original and so the question has to be is this also better than the film that came before?

And the answer is…it’s a completely different animal, but it’s as good as its predecessor.

The first two films were primarily about a fallen hero fighting in a prison to earn his way out. This is a bit of a departure as it follows the previous films bad guy as he tries to redeem himself and restore his reputation.

Adkins is perfect as the Russian martial arts fighter Boyka, he uses his real life martial arts skills to good effect with some genuinely brilliant moments in the ring. He does carry the film with his fight scenes being among the best but Mykel Jenkins helps things along as the self confident American challenger “Turbo” who manages to get under Boykas skin and the relationship between the two provides much of the films more humorous moments.

This isn’t a thinking action film, but then a good action film doesn’t really have to challenge the viewer. This isn’t an Oscar winner but again, action films rarely are and if you like martial arts, mma or films where the underdog comes god this should tick all the right boxes and is definitely worth a watch.

Good: some impressive fights, feel good story, convincing performance from Scott Adkins

Bad: some average acting, semi predictable plot.


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