The battle for Los Angeles (movie review)

Poster for the film “The battle of Los Angeles”

Aaron Eckhart steals the show as a Marine Staff sergeant, soon to be retired, who is called in to action one last time to defend America against attack from alien forces.

Detailed to bring back civilians sheltering in a police station, before the area is levelled in a US counter strike, Eckhart and his fellow Marines soon come under attack from the enemy in this gung ho action adventure.

The story is ok, it is at least better than Skyline (although Skyline had better aliens and a nice, if predictable, twist ending) but while it’s an enjoyable romp through action adventure territory the science fiction element is pretty much just an excuse for the action and never explains anything about the aliens.

As a result this isn’t strictly a science fiction film, so don’t be misled into assuming it is, its an action film with a slim science fiction based premise.

The film is enjoyable enough, it’s not really a memorable film you’ll watch more than once but it’s not a bad movie. Would I recommend it? Well, if it came on television or you were renting it then yes, but would I go out of my way to see it again? No.

It’s problem is that we aren’t really engaged in caring for the characters, the film has a few glaring plot holes and the aliens don’t look as threatening as they are meant to be. I like Eckhart, and co star Michelle Rodriguez, but unfortunately even they can’t raise what should be an excellent movie to more than above average.

The special effects are great, the idea of the film is a good one, but ultimately poorly developed characters and holes in the story make this a watchable rather than great movie.


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